Good communication guarantees safety on board

Ships and Yachts: Safety on Board is Guaranteed by Good Communication Between the Crew.

Safety on board ships and yachts depends largely on the quality of communication between crew members.


The care of communication between the crew members is a discriminating factor on board ships and yachts. This is not only for the quality of the results achieved by the team in passenger service, but above all for the safety of everyone.


Excellent service and safety on board.

Only a good communication can guarantee an excellent service for passengers in a totally safe environment on board ships and yachts.


Communication-conscious crews ensure safety on board.

The preparation of crews for acquiring the notions to communicate clearly and without misunderstandings should always be a priority of shipping companies, recruitment agencies and captains. The responsibility of human lives on board is too important to allow to neglect this aspect.


Effective communication courses are as important as on-board fire and safety drills.

Training the crew to develop effective communication is as important as fire and safety drills on board. The more the crew has difficulty understanding each other the more the ineffectiveness of emergency procedures increases.


Direct communication and radio communication.

The crews on board ships and yachts must also take care of radio communication as well as direct communication. You can find some useful tips to improve the communication via radio in the article “Crews and radio communication”.


Difficulty in understanding.

The language used on board is English, but crew members come from different parts of the world. Even in the different regions of the same country there are different ways of defining the same things and pronouncing the same words. In such a heterogeneous environment it’s even more important to develop the ability to communicate well, because the difficulty in understanding is much more likely than other work situations.


Improve understanding

Communicating well to others and understanding what is communicated to us by others is at the basis of effective communication, which is fundamental for safety on board.

In this article I want to show you what is useful to improve your understanding for becoming able to figure out everything is communicated to you by others. Active listening is an effective tool for this.


Listening, listening and listening actively

Hearing, listening and listening actively are three different ways of relating to the environment around us. What changes from one way to another is the degree of involvement.


Active listening.

Active listening allows to establish authentic contacts with other crew members and start a more effective communication on board.

The development of active listening requires commitment in terms of sensitivity, attention, understanding, intelligence, empathy, but the benefits it generates have a significant impact on the whole system.


Develop active listening.

To develop active listening on board every crew member must be able to introduce in their behavior the habit of listening, paying attention with the desire to understand what the other means. If you have not already done so, I suggest you go read the article “The importance of communication between the crew”, in which you will find three effective tips to be able to actively listen to your interlocutor.


Openness to dialogue improves the relationships between the crew.

Active listening favors the openness to dialogue and then the relationships between the crew members. Improving relationships between colleagues on board means less odds of conflicts, which are bad interference on board.


Conflict reduction increases safety on board

The decrease of conflicts between the crew members on board ships and yachts is a great result. It ensures a peaceful environment and avoids many problems as the mismanagement of emergency situations; rivalry among the crew members could be really dangerous . A healthy environment create useful synergies; especially about safety on board, the crew must be always at its maximum efficiency also under conditions of tension and stress.


If you are a team leader of a ship or yacht crew start first to improve your communication to be an example to the whole team. Start now: leave your mind free and clear away the judgment every time someone talks to you.